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Garnet and Citrine Earrings
Garnet and Citrine Earrings
Garnet and Citrine Earrings

Garnet and Citrine Earrings

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~Cardinal Earrings~ The red cardinal is not only a beautiful creature to behold with its bright red feathers, yellow beak, and  its lovely song, but it is also a bird with rich symbolism.  Some say that spotting a cardinal is a signal from a loved one who has passed;  a messenger to let you know that your loved one is visiting you. The cardinal is also a symbol of hope, good fortune, and joy.  

The gemstones in these earrings were chosen to reflect the colors of this brilliant bird, and how particularly lovely and striking it looks in juxtaposition with snow covered evergreens in Winter, or lush greenery in the Spring and Summer.

All metal is gold filled

Earrings measure 2 1/8"

AAA Garnet briolettes

AAA citrine briolettes

Petite freshwater baroque pearls

Champagne zircon rondelles

Green quartz cushions

Chrome diopside rounds

These earrings are one of a kind, just like you, and will ship USPS with tracking.


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